Why do we promote regular massages?

We often get asked what is the point of regular massages . The answer is simple, regularly scheduled massages help your therapist find underlying issues in your muscular system that can cause issues for you and correct them before they completely give out. Believe it or not, from the moment you walk in the door, our therapists are assessing your walk, your shoulders, your gate And even the energy you bring in with you. The more often you make it a point to schedule your massage, the more your therapist gets to know your body and notice, feel and see variances in you. 

Most of the issues we see, the random “I woke up and had a kink” or “ I just stepped off a curb and it sent a zing down our back”, when in reality, these were underlying issues that were present for years and your body just finally had enough and gave out. Our bodies are amazing machines, but are not designed for the way we live. Our spine structure wasn’t meant for us to standup, the way it curves. Then, factoring that we spend most of our days hunched over a desk, on our phones or doing physical labor, We are constantly pulling and shifting the muscular structure which directly affects the bone structure and nerves in your body. Muscle memory is a very real issue, and the longer your posture puts your muscles in an odd position, the longer your muscles will think that’s where they are suppose to be. Correcting the alignment of your body early, can prevent unbalanced muscular memory. 

Creating a healthy habit of seeing you’re MT regularly can help your body feel better, But it is also good for your mind as well. Massage has been proven to help with overall mental health. 1 hour massage is the same as 8 hours of rest for your mind and body, and who couldn’t use a little more sleep! The proof is in the client reviews! Make sure to incorporate massage therapy regularly to your healthier habits and we guarantee you wont be disappointed.